Formation and Registration

How do I start?

Depening on the nature of the business and your personal circustances Cardoness is happy to offer the relevant guidance to help you make that decision.

Should a Sole Trader or Partnership route be considered the best option then we are happy to assist you in the enrollment with H M Revenue & Customs. This will ensure that you receive the relevant Unique Tax Reference (UTR) and are in a position to make the necessary submisions as and when they fall due.

The Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) route may be the preferred choice and we are in a postion to arrange the formation along with all the necessary registration paperwork with H M Revenue & Customs.

By allowing us to be involved from the start, we can ensure that the vehicle best suited is structured and correctly registered in a timely manner mitigating your exposure to the risk of fines / penalties from Companies House of H M Revenue & Customs.

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