About Us

Cardoness was incorporated in August 2003 after numerous requests from successful businesses requiring a more personal approach to their book keeping and management information needs.

2008 saw the expansion of the business to include the preparation of accounts, completion of tax returns along with other key support functions vital to the small to medium sized businesses. Cardoness is now in a prime position to ensure you are able to receive the complete package tailored to suit your business needs.

The company continues its steady expansion, taking great care to protect its core values of providing a personal service and having the necessary resources¬†to meet the clients’ needs.

Ian heads the business and will be more than happy to discuss how Cardoness can assist you and your business in meeting its obligations with both H M Customs & Excise and H M Revenue and Customs.

You will be aware from the press that these bodies have placed increasing demands on your business, not only by reducing deadlines but also increasing the penalties for not meeting them. It is therefore important to have someone working with you to ensure you are aware of these changes and are able to meet these deadlines efficiently and effectively.

Cardoness is the perfect choice for the small to medium sized business, as we understand your needs. Our personal service ensures that you can focus on your strengths, with our support.

Give Ian a call today to find out how Cardoness can help your business be more successful.