Cardoness is pleased to provide this service for Sole Traders, Partnerships, Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s), Charities and Trusts.

The importance and benefits of the preparation of accounts is, on the whole, under estimated. Business owners generally fail to see the importance of this process as it can aid in decision making, identifying cost saving opportunities, monitor business performance and benchmarking. In some cases there is a legal requirement for accounts to be produced.

With the increase in H M Revenue & Customs targeted investigations, having a professionally produced set of accounts along with supporting documentation will greatly strengthern your position. H M Revenue & Customs will be able to see first hand that your affairs are being properly and professionally handled and this should, in turn reduce the length of time and the costs of any investigation.

A recent article published by the ACCA (May 2014) indicated that when appointing an accountant, only 8% of business owners considered their qualifications. This is a worrying statistic, as this oversight could be exposing the business to unnecessary risk. Do make sure that you appoint a professional firm with the necessary skills and experience to take care of you.